Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lost updates to follow...are they really?

Hiya..>I'm back again. For how long though? I really don't know. Trying to get the handle of this blogging thing but I was never one to keep a diary because it was never private. I would write all my thoughts down as poetry or as spells and hide them away so that no one would find them. Oh well, I guess I have to get good at this blogging thing so that an annoying little sister stays off of my case.

This 14/7/1 contest is over. I know I need editing, a lot of it. I'm not kidding. Try writing a decent story in the space of two weeks using seven different SETS of prompts. And having a character that changes gender on you in the very beginning of the contest. Well, maybe not at the beginning of the contest, but right before it opens he decides to have a sex change and become a she.

Right now I am sitting here with a Kaos-ian hell hound behind me, his "master" freaking him out by jumping all over him. Not sure what I mean? Check out my portfolio -----------> and check out the folder "Natalies Back Story".

I wanted to kill my character off...but wanted to use her in the actual book. Not sure what I wanted to do but she refused to die. I stabbed her with a gigantic soul-swallowing sword but no dice. She just would not die. Why is it that they all want to live, no one wants to give up their lives? I know of another author that wanted to kill their character but another character said "No. No she can not die. I forbid."

Since when do characters forbid you to do something to them? Since when do they have final say? When they threaten you with silence that is when. When they threaten to not say a word unless you tell THEIR story THEIR way. It can get rather annoying when you have one ending written and you have to scrap it completely since it is not what they want to happen to them or to anyone around them. They are in charge. We merely write. They dictate. We take dictation. Does anyone else feel that writers are nothing but mere secretaries?


Trio of Trouble!