Saturday, July 11, 2009

No blog yesterday...

I'm sorry for the non-update yesterday. (Not like anyone reads *sigh*). I had to sleep. I had to work therefore had to sleep. are getting sleepy...yeah, that's right. Sleep is what you need. That was my internal dialogue and I had to give into it.

I haven't been able to write Nathan for a few days. Will set myself an at least 1,000 word limit for the days I am off of work to make up for the days that I work. Think it will work. Hoping it will.

Feeling rather sick (if you want to know why check out my wdc blog). According to a friend/new neighbor I could be used as a bed warmer. I'm apparently running a temperature and keep my apartment really too COLD. *NICE* Just what I need. I "really" need to get sick. I really need to miss MORE time off of work since I am only working 30 hours a week now. The go to girl gets shafted..yeah..check out my wdcblog since not feeling strong enough to write this out AGAIN. And I will be darned if I cut and paste it. It's not that important. If the world is REALLY curious they can check out the otha blog...if not...*shrug* yeah...whatever...

Can you tell I'm feeling listless and just down?

Thought so...


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