Monday, August 3, 2009

Words come when we need them most.

Has anyone else but me ever noticed that words come to us to be read or heard when we need them most? When we need to be reminded that we are not alone in this journey. When we need to be held words come that do the same things that arms do. Words written by others touch our minds and our hearts in ways that most people can only imagine. We as writers have been given a true gift. We can also use our words to do the same thing for another. Sharing your battles with one another, sharing your hardships and sharing your joys. Sharing your tears and your strength with another that understands can be so cleansing. So amazingly wonderful yet difficult as well. Sometimes to help to heal another we have to open up our little "boxes" them up and throw away the key so that they can never get locked again. It hurts..hurts so badly that most of the time we can not stand it. I see it as a give and take...but really we take more than we give because when we help to heal another, whether it be through our words or deeds, we start to heal more ourselves. At best it can be an even swap. At worse...well...we can be left in a puddle lying on the floor.

Remember matter who you are or what you have been through...we all have that one person who will lift us up, dry our tears and help to put us back together again. If you understand this post them you speak the language, the secret language that so many of us share and that shouldn't even exist. Or you know someone that does and through them have learned the secret language. One day it won't have to be secret anymore. One day everyone, all across the world, will stand up and demand to be heard. Wait til you see the literature that will come streaming when that day comes. I, for one, can NOT wait! That day is long past due.

I know this hasn't really been a writing blog but it has. It has because writing is a from of using of the most powerful and the most deadly. But it can also be the one that pulls you up when you are feeling do down that you can't see how to face another day. Especially when you find those that understand.


Trio of Trouble!