Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Quiet on the story front

Sid wants to write. She wants to write short stories. I won't let her. I want to reign supreme and have her write the poetry that I love to create. She wants to get into her stories and try to make something publishable even though she doesn't think that she can. I tell her her poetry is good enough for submission, especially her garland cinquains she has been tweaking lately. Does she listen? NO! She's a stubborn and hard headed individual. She needs to listen. Listen to her sis, listen to her friends, listen to me. I doubt that will ever happen. She really needs to learn how to take CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and see it for what it is, not for a slam against her. It truly is not but she has alienated a few people by thinking that. A few people that gave her advice and understanding. Will she make everyone leave? Will anyone stand by her while she tries to write her heart out? Questions that only can get answered with time.

Dis signing out...

(maybe next time I will let Sid talk )


Trio of Trouble!