Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wow...what's up with me not updating?

Ok: Where have all my updates gonnnnnnnne? I have been writing, only wdc blogging because I have to *scowl at mireyah* and only blogger blogging at the tree-house because I promised. Still doing the prompt based contest and it has been so much fun.

So far the prompts have been:
Chapter one: Bar, Hole, Chore or their synonymous words in the first chapter
Chapter two: Three pieces of dialogue.
"Everybody is watching?"
"Who is everybody?"
"Just some people."
I used THIS one to introduce the fact my main character hears voices in her head. Natalie has been talking to me lately through these stories and I have been SO excited!!!

Chapter three: Leather (any way you want it), name any specific animal, name any specific food.

Food has been air popped popcorn and used two animals. A cow (leather skirt lol) and my Gay Hubbies new almost 6 year old rotti named Kaos. We rescued from a pound (well, they did, I'm just Auntie Dis) and he makes an appearance in the chapter as a hell hound. "My name is Kaos and you're gonna die". Then my Natalie faints (yeah, the bitch fainted!!!)

I wonder what's next...and can HARDLY wait!


Trio of Trouble!