Friday, August 21, 2009

OK: Where to begin? Yesterday was the beginning of my "butterfly year" much as I hate to admit it. Kimmie is right. This has to be my butterfly year. This is the year that I get my life in order. I have a job interview in the morning which I am super nervous about and that I went and spent a good bit too much money on an interview outfit for but Kimmie said that it was a necessary evil. Sometimes you have to spend money to make money right? If I get this job I won't have to worry about anything again as soon as I am working for this company.

And since this is SUPPOSED to be a writing blog I might as well tell everyone what I have started writing. My life story. I don't know if anyone will believe it but I have taken control. I refuse to let the actions of the past control my life anymore, refuse to let anything that may have happened make me scared any longer. I am no longer a child to cower and hide. I am coming out of my chrysalis. I am a butterfly...much to my chagrin.


Trio of Trouble!