Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Much needed update

I have been moving. Been so busy with this moving and figuring out the bus and all sorts that I have not been able to get my internet sorted yet.

But I have been writing. My doctor is falling for my main character but I might have her kill him. Not sure yet. Does he deserve to die? Does she deserve to kill him? Should someone else die in his place? Can that be offered? As long as the kids allow, I can play god. It's a wonderful feeling. Creating and destroying with just your two hands, ten fingers and your brain and your heart. Crafting love scenes, using words to hurt and main and destroy right after you have used words to comfort and heal.

I have been asked by a dear friend NOT to do NaNoWriMo until we can do it TOGETHER. November is a bad month for BOTH of us and neither of us are ready to take on this task yet. Her work is sooooo busy that month and I will HOPEFULLY be getting to grips with a new job and setting up my apartment the way that I want. Not sure if will even have net access at the time. I hope so. But I have to decide if I will do NaNo or not. It is looking like a not this year.


Trio of Trouble!