Monday, October 19, 2009

So trying to get back in the groove....

I'm trying to find it. Lord and Lady above please help me. Sid has lost her groove. Yes, you read this right. Sid has lost her groove to write. I still want to write, I still have Natalies story running rampant in my head, drowning out almost all of the other voices that usually scream at me. It's just...normally I write when I am down and out. Normally I use my writing as a means of escape. Not that I don't LOVE to write when things are good (because I do) but it becomes more of a challenge.

I wanted to have Natalie kill the good doctor. Now I am not so sure....I have started reading (egads) romance novels, not your typical ones but Susan Wiggs (oh my what an amazing author) and I am looking for more like her. I have finally realized that not everything in life has to be doom and gloom and the more of the doom and gloom urban fantasy novels I read the more I realize that a lot of them, even though all well written, seem like they could all go into one series no matter the author. NOT the authors fault, no way. Just the fact there is only so much you can do with dark/gothic/demonic/vampiric etc. After a while it all melds into each other. Well, almost all. I have found a few exceptions to the rule, books that I am itching for the continuance of the series! Stay tuned and if you are good, I just might share.

Sid signing out for now (was this random or what?)


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