Thursday, October 29, 2009

New post. 10 days later. Trying to get better ....but.....

In the last ten days I have:

*Gotten a hair cut;see picture:) Was down to middle of my a whole new style!
*Gotten to where I know what I am doing in my job
*Gotten a social life (gods help me now)
*Written poetry...three to be exact
*Re-acquainted with an old flame
*Re-connected with said old flame
*Re-realized what I cared about in that old flame to begin with
*Re-fallen for that old flame
*Spent hours per night letting everything else slide to video call with said old flame(now new flame)
*Gotten my bus ticket to go home for Thanksgiving
*Made plans to see said new/old flame 2 days after Thanksgiving
*Bought almost everything I needed for the apartment, besides a bed and kitchen table and chairs which will be fixed soon.
*Dressed as a gypsy witch with a dirty face
*Realized that everything I had been fretting over doesn't truly matter.
*Impressed my boss and my trainer and my bosses boss.
*Unfurled my wings just a little bit farther
*Been told that I am loved and desired and beautiful and strong and that someone is proud of me. Wishes they could have been there when I had gone through all of my struggles but so proud of me for how I turned out.

I think this has been a good 10 days. Yeah, good 10 days.


Trio of Trouble!