Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another update? What's up with that?

We all know the saying above and to the side is true. Once you go witch you never switch. We are the best of the best, better than the rest, we pass any ultimate test. I'm done rhyming now. But there is a reason that I have mentioned this and picked to use this phrase box as the picture for this blog update. Now now Mireyah, I know you are about to die because I am doing ANOTHER blog you have not had to prompt me into doing!

Anyways, a blog that I write at (periodically and which I have to write at more often) has now been subtitled "A Witchy Journey to Publication." That fits more than anyone could know because it is three young(ish) witches trying their bestest to go all the way to the pride and joy of having a manuscript finished, polished, torn apart, rebuilt and then sent out for publication. Then we would all have the torture of.....horrors.....the waiting game. Yes folks, the waiting game. Where we have to wait for publishers, editors,agents (if we even HAVE any of those yet) to send us those lovely rejection letters.....

Is it worth it? That's like asking a doctor if practicing medicine is worth it. For the one patient of his that doesn't make it he has to think about all of the others that do. Words are like that for us. For every word that we have to kill we have a multitude of others that make the cut. So, the answer my dear guys and gals is a definitive and resounding YES! Yes my darklings. Yes, it is all worth it!

Until next time,

Love and witchy kisses



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